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Fishing in the Loowaard

Fishing in the Loowaard

If you want to fish in the Loowaard, you are only allowed to do so
if you are a member of HSV de Graskarper.

Rules for the Loowaard:

1. fishing only possible as a member of HSV de Graskarper; member of another association? Then you are not allowed to fish here.
2. VISpas for the HSV de Graskarper are available via
3. Permits are also available from Sacha Diertotaal, Rijksweg 25, 6921 AC Duiven, VISPAS will be delivered 2-3 weeks later.
4. The association does its best to keep the fish stock up to date
5. It is forbidden to take caught fish. Only Catch and Release is allowed
6. You are a guest at the Loowaard,
7. Please do not sail faster than 6 kmh because of the safety of yourself,other fishermen and the maintenance of the vulnerable sides
8. Keep a safe distance from the sand dredgers: 50 meters minimum. Sand will be sucked up again in the warmer months, keep this in mind!
9. Do not fish within a distance of 15 meters from the Harbor. Fishing in the Harbor is prohibited!
10. Commercial fishing by professional fishermen or fishing guides with fishermen is prohibited.
11. In competitions of HSV de Graskarper, a safe distance must be kept from the anglers. The competition management can even temporarily prohibit fishing during competitions.
12. Day tickets are NOT valid in the Loowaard
13. Nightfishing is forbidden